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Hypnosis is a psychological state where the person is relaxed, but is extremely focused and concentrating intensely.  Hypnosis is not about getting a person so relaxed that they fall asleep.  Rather, the counselor induces  a hypnotic state in order for the client to become more relaxed and receptive to the suggestions of the counselor.  to me, hypnosis is very similar to right before you fall asleep.

Uses of Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be used for a variety of emotional, physical, and spiritual issues.  I use hypnosis in my work with children and teenagers to help them with anger management, to develop better coping skills, to help them with their anxiety and stress, and to help with certain symptoms of RAD and PTSD.  Additionally, I believe that just the act or process of being hypnotized has a calming and beneficial effect.

Some Things About Hypnosis

Children under the age of 8 years of age or so have a difficult time being hypnotized.  Also, I can't control a person or make them do something while they are in a state of hypnosis.