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Anger Management

I work with many children who have anger management issues.  Some children may hold their anger in, while others may have explosive outburst.  There are many reasons for a child to have anger management issues.

One reason is that the child does not know how to deal with his/her anger.  Often this is referred to as poor coping skills or difficulty regulating his/her emotion.  Another reason that a child may have anger management issues is that they have suffered some type of loss.  PTSD  or some other type of stress may also be a reason why a child would have anger management problems.  Some children with speech and language issues may have difficulty expressing themselves, which can lead to the child feeling frustrated and having angry outburst.

I look for the cause of the child's anger management issue and base my treatment around this cause.  Consequently, I use different types of treatments to work with anger management issues.